UBER is OUT of the Philippines

UBER a Transport Network Company accredited by Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board on May 8 2015 since then LTFRB started receiving complains since 2015.

According to LTFRB Chief UBER had declared at least 66,000 activated units ut they received reports that the actual number of UBER drivers is more than the units that the company declared.

As the proof of the company violation LTFRB chair Martin Delgra III said they were able to register at least 3 vehicles ( a registered one and 2 vehicle own by the employees) The agency suspended the operations of UBER for violating its July 26 order the suspension came 26 days after the company fined Php 5 million for violating provisions, but this is not the first time UBER clashed with the government, UBER is banned or either not allow to operate in Bulgaria, Italy, Austin (Texas), Taiwan, Denmark, Vancouver, Oregon and Northern Territory of Australia.uber-logo (1)

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