Virgin Mary:The Weeping Madonna of Syracuse

The Weeping Madonna of Syracuse is one of the most unusual of the approved miraculous images of the Blessed Virgin Mary and it is one of the latest. Another remarkable fact is that although this image is world famous there are few sites featuring Our Lady of Syracuse and the miracle. Mary has many many … Continue reading Virgin Mary:The Weeping Madonna of Syracuse

Our Lady of Medjugorje

Regarding her alleged visions, Vicka once stated: "Before, I prayed from pure habit. Now I've turned completely to prayer. I commit my life completely to God. I feel sorry for those who do not believe in God, because Our Lady wants no one to be lost. We can help each other find the right way … Continue reading Our Lady of Medjugorje

Our Lady of Pontmain

Our Lady of Pontmain, also known as Our Lady of Hope is the title given to the Virgin Mary on her apparition at Pontmain, France on January 17, 1871. These apparitions were approved by Pope Pius IX. The Franco-Prussian War (War of 1870) was the culmination of years of tension between the two nations, which finally came to a head on 19 July … Continue reading Our Lady of Pontmain

Our Lady of La Salette

Our Lady of La Salette On 19 September 1851, Pope Pius IX formally approved the public devotion and prayers to Our Lady of La Salette, referring to its messages of apparition as "secrets". On 24 August 1852, Pope Pius IX once again mentioned the construction of the altar to La Salette. The same papal bull granted the … Continue reading Our Lady of La Salette

OMG!! Sweden deport 80,000 Muslims

Aside to Germany the Scandinavian Countries are a destination destination for illegal migrant and refugees entering the Europe illegally. More than a million migrant travel to Europe last year most are coming from Syria, Afghanistan and other countries having a conflict. Almost 163,000 migrant applied asylum in Sweden in 2015.  In my opinion Sweden must … Continue reading OMG!! Sweden deport 80,000 Muslims

The Second Filipino Saint!!

Saint Pedro Calungsod Regarding Calungsod's charitable works and virtuous deeds, Pope John Paul II declared ..From his childhood, Pedro Calungsod declared himself unwaveringly for Christ and responded generously to his call. Young people today can draw encouragement and strength from the example of Pedro, whose love of Jesus inspired him to devote his teenage years to teaching … Continue reading The Second Filipino Saint!!

The Idea of Social Contract Theory

During the time of Enlightenment, many social philosophers think about the natural laws that goevern human societies and in their indefinite discussion several philosophers develop their theories regarding the formation of societies. Many philosophers during Enlightenment such as Thomas Hobbes, John Locke and Jean Jacques Rousseau the most famous and definitely the prominent social theorist … Continue reading The Idea of Social Contract Theory

UBER is OUT of the United Kingdom

Uber is out in the United Kingdom well Im not surprised about this news. Uber have a lot of issues not only in UK but in some cities across the globe impact as far as I remember the company also had a conflict in the Philippines in last March, LTFRB (Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory … Continue reading UBER is OUT of the United Kingdom