OMG!! Sweden deport 80,000 Muslims

Aside to Germany the Scandinavian Countries are a destination destination for illegal migrant and refugees entering the Europe illegally.

More than a million migrant travel to Europe last year most are coming from Syria, Afghanistan and other countries having a conflict. Almost 163,000 migrant applied asylum in Sweden in 2015. la-fg-migrants-scorecard-20150908.jpg

In my opinion Sweden must not take any refugee and other countries must do the same deport all Muslims. For example in Germany they accept a lot of refugee and taking care of them giving them food, shelter and jobs that can help to sustain their needs. I just want to clarify something about the news that I always hear Germany provide the things for the people that are not Germans or either Europeans. Germany must help and provide food shelter and jobs for its own people and for its fellow Europeans and not taking people from other country. In fact Germany, Sweden and other parts of the Europe are so peaceful before they open its door to the refugees

Germany is for Germans

Europe is for Europeans……………….

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