Virgin Mary:The Weeping Madonna of Syracuse

The Weeping Madonna of Syracuse is one of the most unusual of the approved miraculous images of the Blessed Virgin Mary and it is one of the latest. Another remarkable fact is that although this image is world famous there are few sites featuring Our Lady of Syracuse and the miracle. Mary has many many sites on the web that extol her virtues, her intercessory powers, her hope for sinners, her beauty and power with God, Madonna art and lore, but no major American site on this Madonna; so we decided to post one of our own: The more Mary is desecrated in society and on the web—-sites seem to be popping up on the web—-the more Catholic Tradition wants to offer the Mother of God as hope for the world,  her merciful bounty, her beauty and power with God, her hope for sinners who think they are hopeless and have no one to make sacrifices for them or to pray for them, hope in the midst of the darkness of modern despair, materialism, lust, and the new pantheism that has attached itself to certain aspects of the environmental movement and even in the Catholic Church. 59bada385eb78e40a5a056a79865f3ea--virgin-mary-art-blessed-virgin-mary

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