Bloody English Reformation that killed Thousands of Catholics

History tells about how brutal the Reformation was it all started to a King that want to marry another woman well literally. Pope Clement VII refuse to annul the marriage between the King and Katherine of Aragon in the other hand King Henry VIII was receive the title Defender of the Church by Pope Leo X, King Henry VIII despised Martin Luther, the King defense the seven sacraments in the Assertio septem sacramentorum of 1521 was the first royal refutation of Luther’s ideas.

Henry concluded that the most effective way and solution to marry Anne Boleyn is to insult and to make a plan against the Roman Catholic Church and it happen in the year of 1533 in January King Henry VIII married his mistress and in March Protestant-leaning Thomas Cranmer was consecrated 69th Archbishop of Canterbury, and in April Parliament passed the Act in Restraint of Appeals, cutting off all legal recourse to Rome and in May, Thomas Cranmer pronounced the long-desired annulment of Henry’s marriage to Katherine, then presided over Anne’s coronation.

And the only last thing the King needed was the lawyers and theologians who will shape the ideas of religion that will benefit him and history tells us its succeed and the most powerful weapon was violence the first option is burning all the people who reject or be against in the new religion that he make the first victim was a 28-year-old nun named Elizabeth Barton on April 20, 1534 she was hanged and beheaded at Tyburn along with five of her supporters her head was then spiked on London Bridge, making her the only woman in English history to suffer this fate.

Ten Article of 1536 the new church’s canon of beliefs was made on the same year October 1, 1536 people gathered at Louth in Lincolnshire others joined and before they knew it thousands had occupied Lincoln demanding an end to the changes and us a respond King Henry VIII threats the people by military reprisals. One of the most shocking executions was that of Margaret Pole a 67-year-old Countess of Salisbury who was beheaded without trial in 1541 because Henry was furious with her son Cardinal Reginald Pole who had slipped abroad and defend Catholic Teachings and the other one was a Franciscan named Joseph Forest he was accused for identifying the church in the creed with the Church of Rome when he persisted in this belief he was burned at Smithfield in the presence of Cromwell, Cranmer and Latimer


And it all happen because they believe and defend the Roman Catholic Church teachings and the sad truth was the main reason of this reformation was King Henry VIII want to marry his mistress I think Anne Boleyn believe it was a happily ever after story but all of King Henry’s wife was beheaded including his first mistress and 4 others


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