Fr. Joseph Frassinetti

Fr. Joseph Frassinetti was born at Genoa Italy on December 15, 1804 he was the founder of the Sons of Holy Mary Immaculate. At six he was consecrated to the Virgin Mary in the sanctuary of La Madonnetta where he probably discovered his vocation.

After his ordination on September 22, 1827, Joseh was assigned first at Quinto and then at the Parish of Santa Sabina in

Fr. Giuseppe Frassinetti.JPG

Genoa his apostolic zeal knoew no boundaries aside from spending many hours at the confessional every day he founded associations for the evangelization of the children the care of vocations and spiritual formation of young priest. He worked assiduously for the defense of the Catholic faith and in his lifetime wrote more than 80 books on spiritual, pastoral, and moralmatters -many became bestsellers and were translated in many languages. 

Example of his books are:

*The Consolation of a Devout Soul


*Jesus Christ the Model of the Priest

*Saint Teresa Pater Noster

In 1868, Fr. Frassinetti died and Fr. Antonio Piccardo took over the direction of the Pious Union. 


Prayer for the Glorification of Ven. Father Joseph Frassinetti


O Jesus eternal priest hear our prayers for the glorification of your faithful servant Father Joseph Frassinetti who so gratefully praised and exalted you through his preaching writings and most of all his truly priestly life. And for the merits of the Immaculate Mother for whom he nurtured a filial devotion; for the intensely great love tributed to you in the Blessed Sacrament; and for his untiring eal in apostolic works; for your greater glory we ask you raise him to the honor of the altars.

Through his intercession, we humbly ask this grace………………………………. so badly needed by us.

Our Father. Hail Mary. Glory Be





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