Clare, Little Flower of Assisi

st_clareThis song entitled Clare, Little flower of Assisi was dedicated to our beloved and honorable Saint named St. Clare of Assisi if you don’t know her, St. Clare was the first follower St. Francis of Assisi at the age of 18 year old  she heard St. Francis of Assisi preach during a Lenten service in the church of San Giorgio and our beloved Clare ask him to help her to live by the Gospel.

Clare joined the convent of the Benedictine nuns of San Paulo, near Bastia, under Francis’ orders. When her father found her and attempted to force her back into his home, she refused and professed that she would have no other husband than Jesus Christ. In order to give her the greater solitude she desired, Francis sent Clare to Sant’ Angelo in Panzo, another Benedictine nuns monastery.

Clare’s sister Catarina, who took the name Agnes, joined her at this monastery the two remained there until a separate dwelling was built for them next to the church of San Damiano.

Overtime, other women joined them, wanting to also be brides of Jesus and live with no money. They became known as the “Poor Ladies of San Damiano.” They all lived a simple life of austerity, seclusion from the world, and poverty, according to a Rule which Francis gave them as a Second Order. St. Clare and her sisters wore no shoes, ate no meat, lived in a poor house, and kept silent most of the time. Their lives consisted of manual labor and prayer. Yet, they were very happy, because Our Lord was close to them all the time.


Clare, you are God’s chosen one gentle gracious and so fair.

Clare, you are God’s precious pearl and the apple of his eyes.



You embrace lady poverty and in simplicity you share,

You serve the poor in freedom of your soul.

Little flower of Assisi , in faith and truth in silence and in love

You found the Lord draw us all into Him


Clare, you cherish purity of heart, help us to be simple and sincere.

Clare, in you God splendor has revealed,

heal us through His mercy and His love

Repeat Refrain


Clare (little flower of assisi) by Fr. Ike Carpio

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