St. Agnes of Bohemia

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Do you know Saint Agnes of Bohemia…………No, its ok she is not a famous one but his love and dedication to the God is so brilliant that touches many lives and it is God’s will for her to become one of our beloved and honorable saints.

Our Saint Agnes of Bohemia is different from St. Agnes of Prague, St. Agnes of Bohemia was a princess and daughter of King Ottokar I of Bohemia.

At the age of eight, Agnes was betrothed to Henry, son of the Emperor Frederick II of Holy Roman Empire.  Henry was ten years old and had just been crowned King of Germany.

OMG, marry a prince is one of the girls dream and exactly one of our goals, one check for the bucket list…………..but God had a much better plan for her life, Agnes refused to play any more part in a politically arranged marriage and she decided to devote her life to prayer, spiritual works and to submit her own self to our Almighty God, for which she sought the help of Pope Gregory IX.

After the emperor heard the news about Agnes, Emperor Frederick is said to have remarked.

“If she had left me for a mortal man, I would have taken vengeance with the sword, but I cannot take offence because in preference to me she has chosen the King of Heaven.”

By the help of her brother Wenceslaus I King of Bohemia that give her land and she founded the Hospital of St. Francis and two friaries for the Franciscan friars, who had just come to Bohemia at her brother’s invitation through the friars Agnes learned of Clare of Assisi and her Order of Poor ladies the monastic counterpart of the friars, she began a correspondence with Clare which lasted for over two decades, which led to Clare’s sending five nuns from the monastery in Assisi to Prague. This religious complex was one of the first Gothic buildings in Prague, a monastery attached in the hospital.

In 1874, Pope Pius IX had Agnes beatified and in November 12, 1989 Pope John Paul II canonized Blessed Agnes.

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