Correct me if I’m wrong but there is a Marian Apparition in China!!

Have a blessed year to everyone, our topic for today is the  Marian Apparitions and it is 100% true that our Blessed Virgin Mary appeared in China.

During the Boxer Rebellion in the year of 1900 there are almost 10,000 soldiers attack the poor mission village of Dong Lu (Tong Lu). Some 700 to 1,000 Catholics implored and ask an intercession to Our Blessed Virgin Mary for help the village consisted of a small community of Catholics founded by the Vincentian Fathers.

And an apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary happened, Virgin Mary appeared as beautiful Lady in white in the sky surrounded by the light of heaven but the soldiers started to shoot into the sky but they quickly fled in fera claiming that a fiery horseman perhaps St. Michael chased the away.

In the year 1924  the first national conference of bishops in the country  Shanghai Synod of Bishops in China and all the bishop of China consecrated the Chinese people to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

A church was built on the site in her honour and as a reminder and a symbol of  the Virgin Mary constant love and motherly protection. In the year of 1941 Pope Pius XII designated the feast as an official feast in Catholic Liturgical Calendar.



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