Top 10 Popes Who Died miserably

Good day everyone……. Today we discussed about the 10 Popes who died miserably sad to say that it happens in our history.


The Pope is the term used for the men who have ruled the Catholic Church since its birth at Pentecost and one of the great Pope through-out the history of papacy was Pope St. Gregory the Great and one of his contribution is the calendar that we use until now………so when the time comes that a Protestants came to you and said Catholics are idiots just say Really, Catholics are idiots so why did you use the calendar, the calendar was made by a Pope.

Also the Catholic civilization made a remarkable contribution in scientific investigation and mapping of the world for example Christopher Columbus before he find the New World (North America) he prayed to St. Lucia, Prince Henry the Navigator he was also a Catholic. It was so far from a legend that the world is flat, the Catholic world produced the first modern scientific map and even in evolution Catholic had a big contribution. A French Catholic name Jean-Baptiste Lamarck developed the first theory of evolution while in genetics an Augustinian monk Gregor Mendel founded the science of genetics. But the most famous contribution of the Catholics is the bible because Catholics compile all the sacred scriptures in just one book  and that book is the book we called bible.

But even Catholics have a lot of contribution in the world the head of the church suffered and died violently, so here are the 10 Popes who died so miserably


10. Pope St. Peter

9. Pope St Clement I

8. Pope St Stephen I

7. Pope St Sixtus II

6. Pope John VII

5. Pope John VIII

4. Pope Stephen VII

3. Pope John XII

2. Pope Benedict VI

1. Pope John XXI

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