Supplications to Our Mother of Altagracia

Supplications to Our Mother of Altagracia:

1. Oh sweetest Mother of Altagracia,
all pure and Immaculate from thy Conception! 
We beseech thee to bless us, thy children, with the grace
to love the purity thou practicedst and to preserve the
innocence of our children.

Hail Mary…

2. Oh sweetest Mother of Altagracia, admirable model of Christian mothers and wives in the humble house of Nazareth, we beseech thee to bless our homes, making them flourish in the holiness of matrimony.

Hail Mary…

3. Oh sweetest Mother of Altagracia, thou didst receive into thy arms the Holy Infant Who died for us on the Cross, we give thee all of our sufferings, so that at the hour of our death we may
die with the Name of Jesus on our lips and in our hearts, and fly to heaven with the help of thy maternal arms.

Hail Mary …

Final Prayer

Holy Virgin of Altagracia!
From thy hands and thy maternal heart we receive each day the sustenance that thou givest to us from Our Father in heaven.
Thou art our defense in danger, our indispensable help in our necessities and our hope in the sacrifices required of the Christian life.
Through thy Immaculate Heart we desire to pay tribute to God with a hymn of thanksgiving for all the benefits thou hast distributed.
We promise thee, Oh Mother, gratitude and fidelity, thou wilt always reign in our homes and in our town, where all venerate thee as Our Lady and Mother, thou who makest all virtues increase and thrive.
We are honored to be called thy children.
We hope to finish our lives serving God and thee until we reach the highest grace possible, the grace thou wilt help us to attain, the great gift of heaven itself.


God bless everyone……..

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