The power of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s intercession and why we desperately need it

The power of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s intercession and why we desperately need it……….

God respects our free will, thus Our Lady was able to say “no,” but instead chose obedience to this singular miracle in saying “yes.” In a way, her choice was inevitable given the fact that she is full of grace, unlike any other human being before or since.

Her, humility, purity, mildness, and piety qualities made possible through this fullness, helped to make her decision natural, spontaneous, done without hesitation, as one would expect from her. And yet, while her obedience was to be expected given who she is and the qualities she has as a result of the fullness of grace within her, her free will remains.

Image result for blessed virgin mary wedding feast at cana The Merciful Mother of God is not just a puppet, not simply a delivery vehicle; rather, she embraced her station freely, and with a dignity and strength that can only come from humility and love. This is why the moment of Incarnation is so important, it is not simply that Christ is born of the Virgin Mary, as important and glorious as that is, but also that He is conceived of a Virgin, Incarnate in Mary Immaculate who gave herself freely to her destiny. In this way she is vital in our redemption.Christ and Christ alone is our Redeemer, and yet the Blessed Virgin Mary serves as Co-Redemtrix through her obedience freely given, her love freely affirmed.

And so we say Ave Maria gratia plena . . .

Mary’s intercession is very powerful. In the wedding at Cana, she said, they have no more wine, and Jesus answered, “Woman, what is that between you and me, My Hour has not yet come”…and yet Jesus acceded to the request of her mother.

I don’t think we would call her an idol more so as to say that even if her human resonance has moved on from the universe that it is in somewhat conscious due to her awoken purity, I suppose. Or to the fact that Jesus surely placed her close to him within the heavens.

Therefore the memory of the word Mary and who she was can instill a supposed angelic intelligence in light of the fact that is in heaven and does what angels do. Which is help. We do not worship these beings, nor should we be consciously grateful to accept a gift from them.

To an extent. Merely do we recognize the place that she is in and trials she’s been through to have a glimpse into the wisdom that her angelic resonance would harness.

I have seen others speak of Mary with such a love in their eyes this attracted me to wanting to know more about her. I thought the best way is to start praying the rosary regularly. Oh great joy has come into my life. Amazing grace!!

It’s so beautiful that you must seek and experience a relationship with Mary for yourself. If you’re not sure how to pray the rosary there are many online tools.


God bless everyone.

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Thank you, keep safe and takecare always.

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