Prayer to Our Lady of Africa for the Conversion the the Musselmans and other Infidels of Africa

O Our Lady of Africa, thou whose Immaculate Heart is so full of mercy and of maternal compassion, be moved with tender pity at the profound misery of the Mussulmans and other unbelievers in Africa. Remember that the souls of those poor infidels are the work of thy Divine Son’s hands, that they were created to His image and ransomed at the cost of His Precious Blood. Mother of Mercy, do not permit that those unfortunate creatures, who are yet thy children as well as we, any longer to go on rushing into hell in spite of the merits of Jesus Christ and of the most cruel death He suffered for their salvation. Obtain for them the knowledge of our holy religion and the grace to love it, to embrace it, and to practice it faithfully. And since thou art the Sovereign Lady of Africa, O Queen of Apostles, deign to select legions of holy missionaries and to send them to those forsaken regions, to conquer them, to snatch them from death and from Satan, and to bring them into the fold of the true church. Thus shall we be all united, with the same hope and the same love in thy most pure heart and in the adorable heart of the Divine Son and our Lord Jesus Christ Who was crucified and Who died for the salvation of all men, and now gloriously risen lives and reigns together with the the Father and the Holy Ghost forever and ever. Amen.

(Feast of Our Lady of Africa: April 30)

Composed by Cardinal Lavijreiie for the conversion of Mussulmans and other infidels of Africa.
His Holiness, Leo XIII., by a rescript of the S. Congr. of Indulgences, June 30, 1896, granted to the faithful who shall recite the above prayer
An Indulgence Of One Hundred Days, once a day.


God bless everyone.

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