The Unfailing Novena to Saint Catherine of Siena

Novena to Saint Catherine of Siena:

1. Catherine, fairest and most glorious of the daughters of St. Dominic, by that spirit of prayer, which wast thy delight from thy infancy, obtain for us the love and practice of prayer, and the grace so to converse with God as to become daily more pleasing to Him.

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son and to the Holy Ghost. Amen.

2. By that especial love which thou, O great saint, borest to the virtue of purity, consecrating thyself at eight years of age to the Lord by an irrevocable vow, and afterwards by rejecting the most honorable offers of marriage: obtain for us, we pray thee, the grace to be always pure in mind and heart, and to detest and abhor everything which could offend in the smallest degree against a virtue so sublime that it raises men to the rank of angels, and makes them most beloved by God.

Glory be, etc.

3. By that spirit of retirement which madest thou, O great saint, desire to behold no one but thy Jesus, Who when thou wert distracted by continual employment in thy family, taught thee to build a solitude in thy heart and keep it at all times filled with thoughts of heaven: obtain for us, we pray, the grace so to love solitude and retirement, however the world may invite us to share its pleasures and its pomps, that our hearts may always turn to God amidst the most dissipating cares which may come upon us in our state of life.

Glory be, etc.

4. By the spirit of penance which taught thee to inflict upon thyself, even in thy earliest years, the most painful mortifications: obtain for us the grace to bear with patience whatever afflictions God may be pleased to order for our good, and to mortify voluntarily all the perverse inclinations of our hearts, and all the unruly desires of our senses, that we may become, in some measure, like our crucified model, Jesus.

Glory be, etc.

5. By that heroic charity which led thee, O great saint, to attend and minister with thine own hands to the poor sick who had been abandoned by all others in disgust, and for which thou wert repaid only by insult, rudeness, and persecution: obtain of the Lord for us the grace to be, at all times, equally ready to assist our neighbor in his necessities, and to pardon him generously when he returns only insults for the benefits we confer on him, that we may merit the blessedness promised in this life and the next to meekness and true mercy.

Glory be, etc.

6. By that supernatural light with which thou, O great saint, wert miraculously enabled to counsel the Roman Pontiff, who came in person to consult thee, when thou obtainedst for him a reconciliation with his adversaries, and his return to Rome: obtain for us of the Lord the grace to know, in all our doubts, that which is most conformable to the will of God, and most conducive to the salvation of souls, that in all our actions we may promote the honor of God and the welfare of our neighbor.

Glory be, etc.

7. By that especial devotion which thou, O great saint, hadst to Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament, Who sometimes communicated thee with His own Hands: obtain for us, we pray thee, the grace to feel toward the Blessed Sacrament the most fervent devotion, that we may rejoice to converse with Jesus and receive Him into our bosoms to His honor and glory, and for the salvation of our souls.

Glory be, etc.

St. Catherine, pray for us, that we may obtain what we desire through this novena, if what we ask be pleasing to God and conducive to our eternal salvation. May the will of God be done. Amen.


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