God accepts us in our lowliness as Heaven’s Servants


Heaven is so kind to Humanity that God the Father sent Our Lord Jesus as God the Son, as our loving example to unite as a Holy Spirit of God’s Love for the least of all people; But Heaven is so generous that God also sent Mother Mary as the mother of Lord Jesus, that we may all have a mother in Heaven that Mother’s Love be the cause of our joy; That the closeness of Mother Mary to the Child Jesus may also be shared upon us all, that through her intercession we may approach God rather as children in need of love;

As the yearning of our Heart to be God’s Children that we may become meek and humble, and through the Holy Rosary we may unite as a people of prayer in childlike innocence; For with Mother Mary who also helped Our Lord Jesus to grow with much compassion, so we too may have all Heaven’s blessings as to be cared for as children in need of love; That Our Lord Jesus Christ may also be in the image of a Child Jesus as our sibling, together growing in love for Mother Mary united as our mother in God’s Holy Family; When Mother Mary accepted the Divine Will of God to be in servitude to Heaven – together with Saint Joseph, who cared for Our Lord Jesus Christ as a Holy Family; Then we are all called by Heaven to be of help to God’s Mission to help Humanity, with Mother Mary that we as sinners in need of motherly guidance may praise our God.



“We pray that our Soul magnifies the love of God in Heaven as our spirit rejoices in Our Lord Jesus as the Son of God our Savior; For there is forgiveness even amongst sinners like us, accepting us in our lowliness as Heaven’s servants; and in our need for love also accepting us as God’s Children; that we may be blessed as part of God’s Holy Family in Heaven; God has done many great deeds for those who humbly ask help from Heaven; that God’s humility, love, peace and joy may be praised by all people; and God’s great mercy be revered by all future generations to be born;

For God has given us wisdom for the truth about God’s Love; that we may all unite as God’s People to defend the Children of Humanity; that Humanity may be humbled to grow in meekness and gentleness of heart; For through Our Lord Jesus Christ that God has compassion for the least; and through Mother Mary that God has compassion for the unborn children; that the needy may have an abundance of God’s blessings from Heaven; and that God’s Justice for the poor common people may live in our Heart; For God helps all people to become one in unity through God’s Love; that the mercy God gives may also be given to those who seek forgiveness; that God’s Kingdom of love and peace may reign forever for all people.” Amen.


God bless everyone.

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