Is their any Catholics in communion with the Holy See who are not under the Roman or Latin Rite that we have?

Is their any Catholics in communion with the Holy See who are not under the Roman or Latin Rite that we have ?
The answer is YES……. and some of the are came from Orthodox origin and they are across the globe  
So here is the List of Catholic churches (with corresponding no. of members) of Orthodox origin who are now in full communion with the Holy See
1. Coptic Catholic Church (174,000 members)
2. Eritrean Catholic Church (165,000 members)
3. Ethiopian Catholic Church (610,000 members)
4. Maronite Church (3.4 Million members)
5. Syrian Catholic Church (205,000)
6. Syro-Malankara Catholic Church (436,000)
7. Armenian Catholic Church (736,000)
8. Albanian Greek Catholic Church (3,800)
9. Belarusian Greek Catholic Church (7,000)
10. Bulgarian Greek Catholic Church (10,000)
11. Byzantine Catholic Church of Croatia and Serbia
12. Greek Byzantine Catholic Church (2,500)
13. Hungarian Greek Catholic Church (326,000)
14. Italo-Albanian Catholic Church (61,000)
15. Macedonian Greek Catholic Church (15,000)
16. Melkite Greek Catholic Church (1.5 Million)
17. Romanian Greek Catholic Church (660,000)
18. Russian Byzantine Catholic Church
19. Ruthenian Catholic Church (419,000)
20. Slovak Greek Catholic Church (211,000)
21. Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (4.6 Million members)
22. Chaldean Catholic Church (640,000)
23. Syro-Malabar Church (2,800 members) .
These churches follow different rites other than the Latin or Roman rites that we have and for your information some of these churches were formerly member of the Eastern Orthodox who separated from the Western Catholic on 1054 AD but now they recognize our Pope as their Pope  and they are united in the one Universal/Catholic Church in Vatican. 


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