The Ten Plagues Sent to Egypt

The Ten Plagues Sent to Egypt

Wonder how many Christians know the main reason for the Egyptian plagues sent by God. The plagues insulted the Egyptian gods/idols and proved they had no power over anything.

First Plague: Water Changed to Blood (Exo. 7:14-25)

This plague was an affront to many of the greatest ‘water’ gods of Egypt.
1. The great god Khnum was the guardian of the Nile River .
2. Hapi was the “spirit of the Nile” and its “dynamic essence.”
3. Nu, the primeval water-mass, and this in effect made him a father of Ra, who had emerged from that element.
4. Osiris, the god of the underworld; the Egyptians believed the Nile was his bloodstream.
5. Tauret, the hippopotamus goddess of the river.

Second Plague: Frogs (Exo. 8:1-15)

1. The frog was considered the theophany of the goddess Heqt, the wife of the creator of the world and the goddess of birth.
Frogs were so sacred in Egypt that even the involuntary slaughter of one was often punished with death.
So, God gave them an abundance of their gods. Piled high the scent of their rotting carcasses filled the city.
Third Plague: Lice (Exo. 8:16-19)
The word “lice” is rendered as “sand flies” or “fleas” in some translations.

This plague would have been an embarrassment to:
1. Geb, the great god of the earth. Egyptians gave offerings to Geb for the bounty of the soil — yet it was from “the dust of the soil” that this plague originated.
This plague would have been especially dreadful to the priests of Egypt, for they were required to shave their hair off every day, and wear a single tunic, so no lice would be permitted on their bodies. The daily rituals of the priests were not possible because the infusion of fleas made them impure.

Fourth Plague: Swarms (Exo. 8:20-32)

1. Deification of the scarab beetle is still seen in Egypt today. Amon-Ra, the creator and king of the gods, had the head of a beetle.
2. “Ra, the Sole Creator was visible to the people of Egypt as the disc of the sun, but they knew him in many other forms.

Fifth Plague: Livestock Diseased (Exo. 9:1-7)

1. Isis: horses and cattle were not only highly valued in the land of Egypt, but they were also sacred. All Egyptians use bulls and bull-calves for sacrifice
2. Apis was represented as a bull, and had been worshipped in Egypt since around 3,000 B.C.
3. The god Ptah—also associated with Re, from whom he borrowed the disk he wore between his horns.
4. Hathor was the cow-headed goddess of the desert. “The cow was the living symbol of Isis-Hathor,
5. Khnum, the ram-god.
6. Bast, the cat goddess of love.

Sixth Plague: Boils (Exo. 9:8-12)

1. Imhotep. the god of medical maladies.
2. Serapis, the deity in charge of healing.
3. Thoth, the ibis-headed god of intelligence and medical learning.

Seventh Plague: Hail (Exo. 9:13-35)

(Isis and Seth supposedly protected the crops)
1. Nut, the sky goddess, considered by the Egyptians to be the mother of Osiris, Hathor, Set, Isis, and Nephthys.
2. Shu, the wind god.
3. Horus, the hawk-headed sky god of Upper Egypt.
Eighth Plague: Locusts (Exo. 10:1-20)

1. Nepri, the god of grain?
2. Thermuthis, the goddess of fertility and the harvest
3. Seth, god of crops.

Ninth Plague: Darkness (Exo. 10:21-29)

1. Amon-Ra the sun god
2. Horus
3. Atum, another sun god
4. Tem, the god of the sunset
5. Shu, god of sunlight and air?

Tenth Plague: Death of The Firstborn (Exo. 11:1-12:30)

1. Meskhenet, the goddess who presided at the birth of children.
2. Hathor, one of the seven deities who attended the birth of children.
3. Min, the god of procreation
4. Isis, the goddess of fertility
5. Selket, the guardian of life?
6. Renenutet, the cobra-goddess and guardian of Pharaoh?
7. The god Har-em-akht

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