Angels in the Life of Luisa Maria Benedetta

Servant of God Luisa Maria Benedetta was born in Savona to a noble and profoundly Christian family. From the time she was little she was drawn to religious life and in 1905 she took her perpetual vows assuming the name Sister Mary Josephine of Jesus, Spouse of the Heart of Jesus.

One time Jesus appeared to her and confided in her: “I want you as mediator between God and men… Pray, petition, make amends, I am keen on forgiving; be keen on asking and obtaining my forgiveness… Transport yourself in spirit inside the poorest churches of the countryside and there adore and repair. Make yourself the adorer of abandoned Hosts, the repairer of offended Hosts….”img-gen8

From then on Sister Mary subjected herself to great penance for the love of sinners and this very much irritated the demon that appeared to her and threatened her with these words: “How can you tolerate this life which you have imposed upon yourself? …And all of the humiliation and deprivation that still awaits you? …It is impossible…you expect too much of yourself and your own courage.”

Shortly after that she became afflicted by illnesses that doctors could not explain. She accepted with resignation the illness that brought her to her death in 1917. She had many encounters with her Guardian Angel that guided her and gave her advice. In her writings Sister Mary tells: “In spite of the lessons of my Guardian Angel, I found myself in a state in which I felt the rigor of God’s judgment inside of me. I was attacked by strong temptations. Trapped by despair, I called out to my Guardian Angel, as usual, who having yet pity on me took me to the entrance of the garden of Gethsemane where Jesus was in agony. Being yet far away, he put me on the ground and the view of Jesus suffering profoundly penetrated my soul and I lost any perception of pain inside of me. I did not see or hear any suffering other than that of Jesus. My only desire then became to comfort the Lord. My Angel, seeing my suffering said to me “there is a need for victimized souls to console Jesus. Where are those who consent to suffer with him in agony until they sweat blood?’ Then he signaled for me to get closer to Jesus but since I did not dare, considering myself unworthy, he said to me: ‘Advance without fear, this is the place of prayers for sinners’. Then I got closer and the value of prayer and compassion for sinners became clear to me. I found my resting place. Sometimes my Guardian Angel would lead me in spirit to the death bed of someone dying, or a prisoner, or near a soul fallen into sin, or near desecrated Hosts, or to Purgatory. He told me that a great ‘prayer’ is synonymous with a great ‘suffering’ but a suffering that is full of love… I then asked God for the grace to take this suffering with me forever.

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