He has Loved Us by Saint Alphonsus Liguori

God had ‘Conferred’ so-many Blessings on Men, thereby to-‘Draw’ them to-Love Him; but Ungrateful Men, not only did not Love Him, but they would not even ‘Acknowledge’ Him, as their Lord. Scarcely, in One Corner-of-the-Earth, in Judea, was He recognized-as God, by His Chosen People; and by them, He was more-Feared, than Loved. He, however, Who Wished-to be more Loved, than Feared-by us, became Man like us, ‘Chose’ a Poor, Suffering, and Obscure Life, and a Painful and Ignominious Death; and why? To ‘Draw’ our Hearts to Himself. If Jesus Christ had not Redeemed us, He would not have been less-Great or less-Happy, than He has Always (∞) been; but He determined to-Procure our Salvation at the Cost-of many Labors and Sufferings, as-if His Happiness, depended-on ours. He might-have Redeemed us, without Suffering; but no – He Willed to-free us from Eternal (∞) Death, by His own Death; and though He was able-to Save us in a Thousand Ways, He ‘Chose’ the most Humiliating and Painful Way-of Dying, on the Cross of Pure Suffering, to-Purchase the Love-of us, Ungrateful Worms of the Earth. And what indeed was the cause-of His Miserable Birth and His most Sorrowful Death, if not the Love He had for us?
Ah, my Jesus, may that Love which made Thee Die-for me on-Calvary, Destroy in me, all Earthly Affections, and Consume me in the Fire, which Thou art Come-to Kindle-on the Earth. I Curse a Thousand Times, those Shameful Passions which Cost Thee so-much Pain. I Repent, my Dear Redeemer, with all my Heart, for all the Offences I have committed-against Thee. For the Future, I will rather Die, than Offend Thee; and I Wish to do all that I can, to-Please Thee. Thou hast Spared nothing, for my Love; neither will I Spare anything, for Thy Love. Thou hast Loved me, without-Reserve; I also, without-Reserve, will Love Thee. I Love Thee, my only Good, my Love, my All.

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