Prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary to Obtain Her Patronage

Prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary to Obtain Her Patronage

O my most holy Mother. I see the graces which thou hast obtained for me; and I see the ingratitude of which I have been guilty towards thee. An ungrateful soul is no longer worthy of favors; but I will not on this account distrust thy mercy, which is greater than my ingratitude. O my great advocate, pity me. Thou dispensest all the graces which God grants to us miserable creatures, and for this purpose he has made thee so powerful, so rich, and so benign. He has done so, that thou might succor us in our miseries.

Ah, Mother of mercy, leave me not in my poverty. thou art the advocate of the most miserable and guilty criminals who have recourse to thee; defend me also who recommend myself to thee. In thy hands then, do I place my eternal salvation; to thee do I entrust my soul: it was lost;
thou, then, by thy intercession hast to save it. I wish to be inscribed amongst thy most devoted servants; reject me not. Thou seekest the miserable, to relieve them; abandon me not, who am a wretched sinner, and who have recourse to thee.

Speak for me; thy Son does all that thou askest him. Take me under thy protection; that is all I ask. Yes; for if thou protectest me. I fear nothing. I do not fear my sins; for thou wilt obtain me a remedy for the evil they have done. I do not fear the devils; for thou art more powerful than all
hell. I do not even fear Jesus my Judge himself; for by a single prayer of thine he is appeased. I only fear that by my negligence I may cease to recommend myself to thee and thus be lost. It is true that these graces are too great for me, who have not deserved them; but they are not too
great for thee, who art so much loved by God. Hence he grants thee all that thou askest. Thou hast only to speak, and he denies thee nothing.

Pray then to Jesus for me; tell him that thou protectest me; and then he is sure to pity me. My Mother, in thee too I do trust; in this hope I shall live in peace, and in it I wish to die. Amen.

Live Jesus our love, and Mary our hope!

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