Error among Filipino Charismatic

Errors among Filipino Charismatics


Filipino charismatic Christian groups and fellowships abound in our country. They are represented by some well known personalities such as but not limited to Eddie Villanueva and his Jesus is Lord Church.

It also allied with other evangelical groups for socio-political agenda. Then you have the cultic religious groups of Apollo C. Quiboloy in Davao Jesus the Name Above Every Name and Mr. Ferriol’s Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ in Marikina. Other smaller charismatic groups exist here. The already confusing religious environment is aggravated by the entry of Romanist charismatic groups aiming at winning Catholics to remain in the fold through the introduction of Pentecostals charismatism rituals and affairs.

This last is represented by Fr. Archie Guiriba of Shalom and Bro. Mike Velarde of El Shaddai. These last two groups both remained within the errors of Romanism while dressing the garb of charismatism- one person with double face or garment. Such is the landscape of religious charismatism in our nation.

Common among charismatic religious groups are the following characteristics that are not necessarily inclusive in every group or at least one or few of them are found in every group. First, they claim speaking in tongues as evidence of Spirit fullness. Second, they claim health and wealth effect of being right with God. Third, they claim numbers of following is a basis of their being in the truth and favored of God. Fourth, all of them claim to be in possession of the true gospel which they define as full gospel (like Eddie Villanueva) or faith plus baptism equals salvation (like Mr. Ferriol and Quiboloy). Fifth, almost all are apolitical in position except Eddie Villanueva who is a vocal critic of the current administration but quite silent in resolving insurgency and walks on the street with leftist ideologues. Sixth, some of them accepted political inclusion into the governmental machinery. Last, they all use worldly music and ways.

With this harlot-like religious environment originally corrupted by the Romanists through political invasion in the past to advance religious territories, what else can be done? How can we spare our countrymen from such demonic destruction perpetrated by the above groups?

We must expose all types of errors. Be it theological, political, social, and religious issues, the local church must actively participate in all forms of godly exposition. Let us unceasingly use the pulpit power. Then we must proceed to pen power. Further, we must intensely promote our godly views so Filipinos would have a godly alternative to reject such errors and embrace truth propagated by true separatist fundamental Baptists. Institutions may be created to ferry those godly views thereby deepening our convictions. Lastly, forget not to prod people especially the young ones to join the fundamental church after truly experiencing genuine conversion in Christ.

The error of speaking in tongues is addressed by 1 Corinthians 12-14 and comparative study of similar event in Acts 2 and 10. Even such evidence was disowned by original Pentecostals prior to 1950s. The inclusion of health and wealth into the gospel thus claiming their full gospel is actually a false gospel. 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 clearly defines the true gospel without the additions that they included. Consider the warning of Gal. 1:6-9 on how to handle such groups who bear another gospel. Number of membership is never a test of truth or doctrinal validity and accuracy. It is even a mark of false teachers as mentioned in 2 Pet. 2:2 who hailed from the truth before. The position of Eddie Villanueva is at best untenable in Scripture and at worst contradictory to the Romans 13:1-7 principle of submission and godly attitude towards authority as taught in 1 Tim. 2:1-4. His march with leftists is a mark of true blue politicians without the biblical conviction as the Bible prohibits joining the enemy to defeat another enemy! He must be ignorant of OT prophets’ warning to Israel in search of Egyptian aid to defeat Assyrian or Babylon attacks. For a preacher to accept governmental offer of position is a gross sell out. It is a sign of lapse in sound mind as the greatest and most powerful task on earth of preaching is exchanged with juicy or earthly powerful positions.

Beware of the poison of charismatism that abounds in our field committed to dupe our children and grandchildren into their lies and errors. Let us sever relations, be they Baptist or whatever, from anyone who has been touched by such wicked charismatic influence. Let us get more Filipinos out of the miry clay of charismatism through zealous evangelism and intense discipleship. Help charismatics who have been deceived into the false teachings concerning the Holy Spirit. Take diligently God’s word in 2 Cor. 6:14-7:1! Amen.

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