The Canticle of Passion

St. Catherine experienced the stigmata and every Thursday-Friday accompanied Jesus in His Passion. Despite Catherine's extraodinary interior life, she continued to serve the monastery in many capacities including prioress for 36 years. The Canticle of the Passion was revealed to Catherine immediately after her first great ecstasy of the Passion. Our Lady desired Catherine to … Continue reading The Canticle of Passion

The Noble who abandoned Holy Trinity but saved by the Blessed Virgin Mary

It is related by Belluacensis and Cesarius, that a noble youth having lost by his vices the wealth left him by his father, became so poor that he was obliged to beg. He quitted his native land, that he might live with less shame in a distant country where he was unknown. On this journey, … Continue reading The Noble who abandoned Holy Trinity but saved by the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Nicene Creed And Its Origins

I BELIEVE IN ONE GOD Christians, like Jews and Muslims, believe that only one God exists. The creed states the assumption of the ancient Shema: “Hear O Israel, the Lord our God is one Lord.” It begins with “I believe,” because reciting the creed is ultimately an individual confession of belief, although the creed also … Continue reading The Nicene Creed And Its Origins

Faith and Works

There is perhaps no greater confusion among Roman Catholic Christians and Evangelical Protestant and Pentecostal Christians than that held over the controversy of faith versus good works. This controversy best warrants the balance of scriptures necessary in reading the Word of God to understand what God means for us to know. The Bible is clear … Continue reading Faith and Works