The Noble who abandoned Holy Trinity but saved by the Blessed Virgin Mary

It is related by Belluacensis and Cesarius, that a noble youth having lost by his vices the wealth left him by his father, became so poor that he was obliged to beg. He quitted his native land, that he might live with less shame in a distant country where he was unknown.

On this journey, he met one day an old servant of his father, who, seeing him so cast down by the poverty he was Buffering, told him to cheer up, for he would take him to a prince who was so liberal that he would provide him with everything he needed. Now, this wretch was an impious sorcerer.

One day he took the youth with him to a wood on the borders of a moor, where he began to address some invisible person. The youth asked to whom he was speaking. “To the devil” he answered, and seeing the youth terrified, bade him not to fear. Continuing to speak with the devil, he said: “This youth, oh my master, is reduced to extreme necessity, and wishes to be restored to his former condition” “If ha will obey me” said the enemy, “I will make him
richer than before; but in the first place, he must renounce God”. At this the youth shuddered, but urged on by that cursed magician, he yielded and renounced God. “But this is not sufficient”, said the demon; “he must also renounce
Mary; for it is to her that we attribute our greatest losses. Oh, how many souls she has snatched from us, and led back to God and saved” “Oh, this I will not do” exclaimed the youth, “deny Mary! why she is my only hope. I
would rather be a beggar all my life” With these words he left the place. On his way, he happened to pass a church dedicated to Mary.

The unhappy youth entered it, and kneeling before her altar, began to weep and implore the most Holy Virgin that she would obtain the paidon of his sins. Mary immediately began to intercede with the Son for that miserable being.
Jesus at first said: “But that ungrateful youth, my mother, has denied me”. But seeing that his mother still continued to entreat him, he, at last, said: “Oh, my mother, I have never refused thee anything; he shall be pardoned, since thou
dost ask it”.
The citizen who had purchased the inheritance of that prodigal was secretly present at this scene, and beholding the mercy of Mary towards that sinner, he gave him his only daughter in marriage and made him heir of all his possessions. Thus that youth recovered, through the intercession of Mary, the favour of God and even his temporal possessions.

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