Salutation of All the Sacred Limbs of Jesus

In Obedience to a Divine inspiration, St. Gertrude was wont to salute each member of Our Lord which had suffered in His Passion: whenever she did so, a Divine splendor appeared to emanate from the sacred members thus saluted and to irradiate her whole soul. In this splendor she was clothed with that innocence which Our Lord acquired for us by the sufferings of that particular member.

Hail, tender Limbs of my Lord Jesus Christ,
tormented in Thy Passion with manifold pain for our salvation.
Hail, Thou Adorable Head,
Crowned for us with thorns and stricken with the reed.
Hail, most worshipful Face,
For us spit upon and smitten
Hail, most gentle Eyes of Our Savior,
For us suffused with tears.
Hail, sacred Mouth,
Filled for us with vinegar and gall.
Hail, most noble Ears,
Pierced for us with reproach and contumely.
Hail, thou kingly Neck,
Buffeted for us;
And most Holy Back, for us torn with the scourge.
Hail, venerable Hands and Arms,
Stretched out for us upon the Cross.
Hail, Divine Breast,
Disquieted for us and mangled in the Passion.
Hail, Adorable Knees,
Bent in prayer for us, now crushed and out joint.
Hail, most worshiped Feet,
Pierced for us with the nails.


Prayer for the Holy souls in Purgatory

“Eternal Father,
I offer You the most precious blood
of thy Divine Son, Jesus,
in union with the Masses said
throughout the world today,
for all the Holy Souls in Purgatory,
for sinners everywhere,
for sinners in the universal Church,
for those in my own home,
and in my family. Amen.”

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