The Exorcism of Annaliese Michel

What Lucifer said:- . "I want to conquer the earth for myself. In the meantime, I make a rich booty. I am filling up my kingdom. I take whatever I can take, I must convince you of this". . "The majority have abandoned the Nazarene. How foolish! Those still faithful are a small flock". . … Continue reading The Exorcism of Annaliese Michel

The Marian Apparition in San Damiano

On September 29th, 1961, the feast day of St Michael the Archangel, the Madonna (Mother of Jesus) visited the Quattrini home and cured Mamma Rosa Quattrini whom the local doctors had sent home to die, as her condition had been considered "hopeless." After touching Rosa and curing her, the Madonna directed her to go to … Continue reading The Marian Apparition in San Damiano