Catholic Worshiped

Catholic Worship: The Sacraments, Ceremonies and Festivals of the Church by Rev. Otto Gisler 1888

“No better compendium of all that a Cathtolic should know about his holy religion has as yet appeared in our language than Rev. Dr. Brennan’s translation of Father Gisler’s Catholic worship. Every Catholic family will find it a household treasure.”–Right Rev. John J. Kain. D.D., Bishop of Wheeling W. Va., Dec. 20 1888.

Your little book Catholic Worship is just what we need for our children when they have made their first holy communion. Their religious instruction must by all means be continued and rendered more interesting and attractive. Instead of a repetition of the Catechism we give into their hands this little book which brings up all religious truths in new forms and combinations, and introduces the youth to the life of the Church, which is to become their own life, growing in knowledge and practice.” –Right Rev. M. Marty. O.S.B., Vicar Apostolic of Dakota, Dec. 23, 1888.

“The book entitled Catholic Worship, contains in very small space much useful information, which otherwise could be obtained by many persons only after extensive research, or through special instruction.”–Right Rev. T. Mullen, D.D., Bishop of Erie, Dec. 24, 1888.

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