The Hidden Life of Christ

Th Hidden Life of Christ by Fr. R. F. Clarke S. J. February 1st: The Hidden Life If the life of the Holy Family was a hidden life in their own country, how much more was this the case in Egypt? There, amid strangers and idolaters, they were bereft of all human sympathy and consolation. … Continue reading The Hidden Life of Christ

Gabrielle Bossis, the Forgotten Saint

Gabrielle Bossis (1874-1950) was a Catholic Mystic and layperson who lived in France in the 20th century. Born in Nantes, France in 1874, she was the youngest child of a family of four children. As a child in a well to do family, she was taught and raised in proper social graces and etiquette, and … Continue reading Gabrielle Bossis, the Forgotten Saint

Sacrament of Confession and Penance

"CONFESSION/SACRAMENT OF PENANCE" *CCC 1422 -those who approach the Sacrament of Penance obtain pardon from God's mercy for the offense committed against Him, and at the same time, to the Church . It is also called: *CCC 1423: SACRAMENT OF CONVERSION -through this, we are converted to God, which we are strayed away from Him … Continue reading Sacrament of Confession and Penance

The Pardon Crucifix; It’s A Power House, Discover Why!

Dear devotee of the Holy Souls, The Little Known Pardon Crucifix is a Power House for the Holy Souls in Purgatory The Pardon Crucifix with Pope St. Pius Approved Holy Souls Indulgences What is a Pardon Crucifix? It’s a thorn in Satan’s side, slammed in there by Pope St. Pius X. It is unclear why … Continue reading The Pardon Crucifix; It’s A Power House, Discover Why!

St. Thérèse of Lisieux

St. Thérèse of Lisieux, as you may know, is one of only three women to have been made a Doctor of the Church. Her mother died when Thérèse was 4. One by one, her four older sisters left for the cloister. She became emotionally clingy. A key moment in her spiritual development occurred on Christmas … Continue reading St. Thérèse of Lisieux

What happen in Lourdes, France?

Thursday 11th february 1858: the first meeting Accompanied by her sister and a friend, Bernadette went to Massabielle on the banks of the Gave to collect bones and dead wood. Removing her socks in order to cross the stream, she heard a noise like a gust of wind, she looked up towards the Grotto : … Continue reading What happen in Lourdes, France?

Blessed Eustochium

Bl. Eustochium was the illegitimate child of a seduced nun, she was born at San Prosdocimo convent in Padua, baptized Lucrezia, and raised and educated at the convent. When she grew older she wished to become a nun and despite the opposition of many in the community because of the circumstances of her birth, the … Continue reading Blessed Eustochium

An American Tells What It Was Like To Meet The Great St.Padre Pio

“I spent a week in San Giovanni Rotondo in 1965 and had the honor to attend Padre Pio’s Mass on my 21st birthday, January 8th, 1965. There were not many visitors to the monastery at that time of year. I got up every morning while it was still dark and was able to enter the … Continue reading An American Tells What It Was Like To Meet The Great St.Padre Pio

St.Claude de la Colombiere

CLAUDE LA COLOMBIÈRE, third child of the notary Bertrand La Colombière and Margaret Coindat, was born on 2nd February 1641 at St. Symphorien d’Ozon in the Dauphine, southeastern France. After the family moved to Vienne Claude began his early education there, completing his studies in rhetoric and philosophy in Lyon. It was during this period … Continue reading St.Claude de la Colombiere

The Devotion to The Holy Face of Jesus As Given to Sr.Mary of St.Peter and the Promises Attached to This Devotion

Sr. Mary of St. Peter was born in Rennes in Brittany on October 4, 1816. She was rather sickly as child and not at all pious. In fact, she describes herself as stubborn and easily roused to anger. After making her 1st confession at the age of 6 1/2 years, she began to seriously work … Continue reading The Devotion to The Holy Face of Jesus As Given to Sr.Mary of St.Peter and the Promises Attached to This Devotion

Rosary of the Chaplet of Tears

Pray the Rosary of the Chaplet of Tears, and spread its devotion. The devil is put to flight when it is recited wholeheartedly. Start with Our Father and Hail Mary, then continue: 1. Beginning Prayer: Crucified Jesus, prostrate at Your feet, we offer You the tears of the Mother who, with love full of devotion … Continue reading Rosary of the Chaplet of Tears

The Carmelite Charism

A charism is a gift from God to the Church for the world. With regard to a Religious Order, the term refers to the gift which God gives to an individual or group to inspire the founding of a new religious family within the Church. This gift is handed down through the centuries and enriched … Continue reading The Carmelite Charism

The Holy Name of Jesus

January is dedicated to the Holy Name of Jesus. Please say the following hymn once a day for a month in reparation to Our Lord's Holy Name which is so abused in our time. This hymn has a plenary indulgence attached to it, which we can gain for ourselves or for the Holy Souls. Jesus, … Continue reading The Holy Name of Jesus

Chaplet of Divine Mercy

How to Pray The Chaplet of Divine Mercy 1. Make the Sign of the Cross In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. 2. Optional Opening Prayers You expired, Jesus, but the source of life gushed forth for souls, and the ocean of mercy opened up for … Continue reading Chaplet of Divine Mercy