Who are You, Immaculate Conception? (St. Maximilian Kolbe)

IMMACULATE CONCEPTION: These words fell from the lips of the Immaculata herself. Hence, they must tell, us in the most precise and essential manner, who she really is. Since human words are incapable of expressing Divine realities, it follows that these words, "Immaculate" and "Conception", must be understood in a much more profound, much more … Continue reading Who are You, Immaculate Conception? (St. Maximilian Kolbe)

Cleopatra of the Church?

We also know Cleopatra as a ruler of Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt survived as pharaoh by her son Caesarion after her reign Egypt became a province of Roman Empire................ Actually Cleopatra is a member of Ptolemaic Dynasty a Greek family that ruled the Egypt after Alexander the Great.¬†Cleopatra originally ruled jointly with her father Ptolemy … Continue reading Cleopatra of the Church?

Do you know Doctor Angelicus?

Do you know Doctor Angelicus?.......... Really you don't know him well at first I didnt know who is that doctor but he is not only a doctor he is a doctor of souls and especially he is a saint that all we know St. Thomas Aquinas!. The Catholic Church honors Thomas Aquinas as a saint … Continue reading Do you know Doctor Angelicus?