Its just not a thing, the snow made from a miracle!!

What will you do if you see something more than just a miracle?

A snow came from a miracle……………..

There was a man named John saw this things happen in Rome Italy and witnessed an apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

John is a nobleman and living with his wife, who had been blessed so much to have a lot of fortune in the world but they are misfortune to had a child so John and his wife decide to chose the Blessed Virgin Mary to be their heir, and at the suggestion of Pope Liberius that she might make known to them how to do this particular sign…..

As the answered for their prayers the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to John and his wife during the night of August 5, 352 and also to Pope Liberius and expressed her wish that a Church be constructed and build on the Esquiline Hill and as a sign the Blessed Virgin Mary left snow in the middle of the hot month of August on Esquiline Hill on the exact area where she want the Church to be build. Also Pope Liberius received the same message from the Blessed Virgin Mary and ordered to build the Church of Saint Mary Major Basilica.

The Church built there was known as Saint Mary Major, the church built by John and his wife to honor of Virgin Mary in her title of Our Lady of Snows but through the times the Church restored and enlarge and even given a different names Basilica of Liberius,  Saint Mary of the Crib because it enshrines relics of Christ’s Crib and lastly Saint Mary Major, to distinguish it from the many other Roman churches dedicated to the Mother of God.

But the question is why SNOW?

In the point of view of Science, snow is unique, distingiush and different form of size and ornamentation specially the snowflakes and they dont have a limitation in beauty and as a gift of the Blessed Virgin Mary the snow became a sign from heaven by the grace of our Almighty God because Snow is like a color in a painting that can change a place full of mud and cover it white a white coat.



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