Dear: Protestants……….LEAVE CATHOLICS ALONE!!

Last Saturday I saw the post of one of my friend in facebook and it really caught my attention I dont know if he is the one who right the post but for now I want to share it to you LEAVE CATHOLICS ALONE !!!!! Am not a catholic neither is there anything that will... Continue Reading →

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September 24: Our Lady of Rocamadour

The pilgrimage of Our Lady of Rocamadour, a short distance from Cahors, is situated in the most sterile and mountainous part of Quercy. A saint, whom an unsupported local tradition would make the Zaccheus of the Gospel, about the third century, penetrated into a labyrinth of rocks which raise their lofty crests above the narrow... Continue Reading →

The Eucharist Our Treasure

The Eucharist is the centre and source of grace: therefore, it must be the very keystone of the legionary scheme. The most ardent activity will accomplish nothing of value if it forgets for a moment that its main object is to establish the reign of the Eucharist in all hearts. For thereby is fulfilled the... Continue Reading →

The Third Council of Toledo (589)

The Third Council of Toledo (589) marks the entry of Visigothic Spain into the Orthodox (Niceno-Constantinopolitan) Christian Church, and it is known for codifying the Filioque clause into Western Christianity, as a theological response to Gothic Arianism. In the 4th century, the Bishop Wulfila (c 310 – 383) invented a script for the Gothic language,... Continue Reading →

Lets talk about St. Joseph

1. St. Joseph was a righteous man – Scripture refers to Joseph as a “righteous” man (Matthew 1:19). In other words, he was a holy and devout Jew who fulfilled the two greatest commandments— he loved the Lord his God with all his heart and strength, and he loved his neighbor as himself. He was... Continue Reading →

The Miraculous Medal and Claude Newman

Claude Newman was a twenty-year-old African-American who, in 1943, awaited execution in a prison in Mississippi. His crime was that of ambushing and shooting a man named Sid Cook, his beloved grandmother’s abusive second husband. One day, noticing a medal hanging around the neck of a fellow prisoner, Claude asked the young man what it... Continue Reading →

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