Dear: Protestants……….LEAVE CATHOLICS ALONE!!

Last Saturday I saw the post of one of my friend in facebook and it really caught my attention I dont know if he is the one who right the post but for now I want to share it to you LEAVE CATHOLICS ALONE !!!!! Am not a catholic neither is there anything that will... Continue Reading →

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My Good Father……. The Rosary of the Father

Do you know the " Rosary of the Father " its a five mysteries that Providence gives us, the Rosary of the Father helps us to fully reflect, understand and obtain the mercy of All Mighty God. It shows us that the world can (without any hesitation) and must become a instrument of the Love... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Popes Who Died miserably

Good day everyone....... Today we discussed about the 10 Popes who died miserably sad to say that it happens in our history.   The Pope is the term used for the men who have ruled the Catholic Church since its birth at Pentecost and one of the great Pope through-out the history of papacy was Pope St. Gregory... Continue Reading →

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