Don’t forget your shoes!!

Saint Nicholas is a major feast in the Europe, he was the only son of wealthy Christian parents named Epiphanius and Johanna, St. Nicholas was very religious from an early age and according to some stories Nicholas was said to have rigorously observed the canonical fasts of Wednesdays and Fridays.

But unfortunately his parents died in an epidemic while Nicholas was still young and he was raised by his uncle. In the year AD 305, several monks from Anatolia in Asia Minor came to the Holy land to Beit Jala Judea and established a small monastery with a church named in honor of the Great Martyr George. Our dear saint lived there and came as a pilgrim to visit the Holy Sepulchre, Golgotha, Bethlehem, and many other sites in the Holy Land.

And now in December 6 we celebrate his feast day which appropriately falls during the advent season and this feast day is an exciting one for the kids as they count down the days on their Advent calendars in anticipation of Christmas day. St. Nicholas the Bishop of Myra threw bags of dowry money (through a window or down a chimney) into the house of  impoverished family to rescue their children from being sold into slavery.

In the country of the Netherlands, St Nicholas arrives about 3 weeks before the 5th of december by boat from Spain during these 3 weeks at night all Dutch children put their shoes in front of the fireplace or other place where the Saint will find their shoes. they put letters and drawing for St. Nicholas. On the 5th of december, the day before his feast day on the 6th they have ‘pakjesavond’

The children sing St. Nicholas songs and suddenly the candy will fly through the room with the other presents in the sacks. The great veneration of St. Nicholas has been honored for many ages and until now we feel his presence of holiness and glory gave by our Almighty God.



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